Beachfront Hickory

$7.24 sq/ft

Beachfront Hickory



Beachfront Hickory


Width:               OC75: 7 1/2" (190mm)                                                       Overall Thickness:        1/2"(11.7 mm)

Length: 1' - 7' Random Length                                                                    Construction:                 Engineered

Top Layer: 1/8" (3mm)                                                                    **Grade:           A,B,C,D


SKU:UAOC7530BF                                                                            Finish:                  Multilayer UV Oil

Species: Beachfront Hickory                                                                      Edge Profile:                    Micro Bevel

Color:                Beachfront


Residential:   limited "25-year" residential finish wear through warranty

Commercial:  limited "1-year" commercial finish wear through warranty

Install:              Staple down, Floated, Glue down

Grade:               Above, On, Below

OC1:26.35 sf per box, 45 to 50 lbs per box, full pallet is 59 boxes( 1,554.65 sf)

OC55: 30,74 sf per box ,52 to 57 lbs per box ,full pallet is 56 boxes (1,721.44 sf)

OC75: 29.45 sf per box, 50 to 55 lbs per box , full pallet is 59 boxes (1,737.55 sf)



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